Services you can offer as a Freelancer

If you are thinking of changing your work habit to something more flexible, freelancing is a great way to start. However, one of the questions people ask the most is “what services can I offer and how do I earn?” There are several kinds of services you can offer as a freelancer but it all depends on your skillset. Here are some services you can offer as a freelancer.

  1. Web Design and Development: Web design is mainly concerned with the aesthetics of the website i.e. how the website looks and feels to the user. Web development requires great coding skills like HTML and CSS. It requires months of dedicated learning and practice if you want to make money from it
  2. Copywriting: This type of writing is commonly referred to as sales writing. It involves creating contents for sales pages, email marketing, brochures etc. 
  3. Graphics design: This mainly has to do with visual designs for clients
  4. Virtual assistant: This is like being a Personal assistant that works remotely. Services may include more than one skill e.g. writing, editing, transcribing, bookkeeping etc.  
  5. Social Media Management: Companies need to engage on social media with their potential clients, this is why the people with such skills are required for marketing.
  6. Voice Acting: From time to time, business needs to create audio and visual content for their audience through online marketing. It usually involves reading a created script for a sales video or ad. 

These are some of the services you can find on mesh and offer as a freelancer. There are many other services you can offer on mesh; you just have to find a niche and provide enough details about your abilities on your profile. As you get more clients, you must study yourself and develop a work structure that is favourable so you don’t burn out.

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