What does it mean to be a freelancer?

Being a Freelancer means that you are self-employed i.e. you are not bound by the traditional 9-5 working hours of a regular day worker. Depending on your skillset and the kinds of services you can offer, you can determine the kinds of clients you may aim to do business with. 

For you to be a freelancer it requires a unique mindset. Most freelancers choose this career path because they want to be their own boss and are prepared to go through the challenges of marketing themselves to meet their financial goals and expectations.

As a freelancer, your clients can either be companies or individuals, it all depends on your capacity and capabilities.

As the world becomes increasingly digitized and internet is enabling individuals to connect virtually across geographies, most freelancers sign up on digital marketplaces like Mesh to make it easier to manage their jobs and get clients. Some freelancers can handle multiple clients at the same time while others prefer to work with one client at a time. There are partial freelancers and full-time freelancers. A partial freelancer is one who has a day job and still takes on freelance opportunities from time to time. Sometimes, such freelancers may come across the challenge of handling multiple clients simultaneously and deliver work on time.

Being a freelancer means that you have to take responsibility of certain key aspects of your life e.g. taxes, healthcare and retirement plan. Since it is like running your own business, you also have to watch your books making sure there is a healthy balance between income and expenditure. 

Although, Mesh as a skills marketplace has a provision for resolving client and freelancer disputes, a lot of professionalism is required from the freelancer to maintain a thriving career. Because there is no office to resume to and a boss or HR to keep you on track with your daily work routine, completing your jobs on time will require a lot of discipline on your part or else you will lose clients. 

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